This creature is in the Reptiles class. Undead Dragon

8350 hit points 5100 Experience points per kill Summon/Convince: --/-- (Creature Illusion is not possible) Abilities: Melee (0-480), Poison Wave (150-685), Smoke Wave(makes you drown per 2 minutes), Life Drain Wave (300-560), Blood Ball (300-395), Poison Ball (107-390), Sudden Death (29-600),Envenom (0-180), Self-Healing, Life Drain Exori, Cursing Wave (makes you cursed). Est. Max. Damage: 2354+ hp per turn Immune To: Fire Damage, Earth Damage, Death Damage, Paralysis, Invisibility. Strong Against: Physical Damage (-10%), Ice Damage. Weak Against: Holy Damage. Sounds: "FEEEED MY ETERNAL HUNGER!"; "I SENSE LIFE". Behavior: Chaotic and destructive, the Undead Dragon will destroy almost everything on its path with its wave attacks, though it will, similar to all creatures of dragon kind, try to retreat at low health. Field Notes: Incredibly powerful dragon skeleton, capable of destructive attacks more deadlier even than those from a Demon. They appeared in the Winter Update 2006. Its mini-boss is Bones and the real boss is Dracola. Location: Helheim and Pits of Inferno. Strategy: Its attacks have the same range as the Dragon's Fire Wave but with other elements, your best bet would be to use HMM, energy strike or possibly energy wave, as they have no resistance or weakness to energy damage. This dragon can be killed alone by 200+ ek it is one of the hardest creatures of the Pits of Inferno Loot: 0-200 gp, 0-6 Power Bolts, Platinum Coin, Hardened Bone, Golden Mug, Torn Book, Blank Rune, Broadsword, Death Ring, Knight Armor, Demonic Essence, Soul Orb, Underworld Rod, Royal Helmet (rare), Golden Armor (rare), Dragonbone Staff (rare), War Axe (very rare), Dragon Scale Mail (very rare).

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